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New Residents

Welcome to Hartridge!
The Board of Directors of the Hartridge Homeowners’ Association extends its best wishes for a
long and happy residence in our community.
The Board reminds all new homeowners that we are a covenant protected community. That is,
your deed contains provisions which enhance our quality of life and property values.
Posted on our website, www.Hartridge.org, are standards and prohibitions related to additional
structures, antennas, AC units, vehicles, trailers, clotheslines, lawn maintenance, pets, fences,
and signs among others.
The two most common covenant violations are trash cans and street parking. Trash cans must be
stored out of sight except for collection days. Residents are not to regularly park on the street.
The Board generally offers residents a friendly reminder if they are violating a covenant. Formal
procedures, including fines and liens, may be initiated if the resident remains in violation.
If you are planning to make a major change to your lot, the Board strongly recommends that you
review the posted covenants first. If you still have questions, please direct them to the Board
using the “Contact Us” link on the website.
Many thanks for your understanding and cooperation,
The Hartridge HOA Board