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Tennis Rules

Tennis Rules
  1. Only tennis is to be played on the courts. The courts are not to be used for bicycling, skating, skateboarding or other activities.
  2. Only members of the Hartridge Swim and Tennis Club and their guests are entitled to use the courts.
  3. Courts 1, 2 and 3 can be reserved in advance.  Court 4 is always a walk on court.
  4. USTA and ALTA matches (including make-ups) take precedence over other play.
  5. Players are responsible for locking the courts and bathroom and turning off lights when finished.
  6. Players are encouraged to empty trash baskets (on nets) and not leave their trash on the court.
  7. Proper tennis attire is required. No cut-offs, swim suits, street clothes, etc. Only non-marking flat soled shoes are to be worn on the courts.
  8. Proper tennis etiquette is required.
  9. Court reservations are available online through Reserve My Court: www.reservemycourt.com 
    1. Reserve courts up to one week in advance. Team captains should reserve courts for scheduled practices and matches.
    2. Players and captains must have an access code in order to complete reservation.
    3. Reservations not kept within 10 minutes are forfeited.
  10. Members who have recurring clinics conducted by a tennis professional at the same time each week may request in writing to the Tennis Committee to have that clinic be included on all subsequent schedules for the duration of the clinic.
  11. Court lights should be turned off by 10 p.m.
Rules for Hartridge Tennis Teams:
  1. The captain must be a Hartridge resident.  The co-captain may be a resident, member of the Hartridge Swim and Tennis Club or non-member.
  2. Hartridge Swim and Tennis Club members are eligible to participate on Hartridge teams.
  3. Team players who are not residents of Hartridge or members of the Hartridge Swim and Tennis Club will pay $35.00 per team each season. 
  4. Yearly tennis memberships are available for $250/year (fees subject to change).  Membership year runs from April 1st through March 31st.
  5. Any member who wishes to create a team should:
    1. Notify the tennis chairperson(s) of his/her intention to do so.
    2. Post a sign-up sheet on the tennis bulletin board at least 4 weeks in advance of the roster deadline and indicate the roster deadline and level of play requested on the sign-up sheet.
    3. Designate a team captain on the sign-up sheet.
    4. Post announcements at the subdivision entrances and on the web site at www.Hartridge.org.
  6. Should there be more teams formed for a particular league than is allowed by the league, then an attempt should be made between the captains to consolidate the teams into an allowable number of teams.
  7. Each team captain shall submit to the Tennis Committee no later than one week after the team schedules are received:
    1. A roster of members indicating which players, if any, are non-members.
    2. A list of three practice times not to exceed 2 hours in duration and in order of preference.
    3. A schedule showing the dates, locations, and times of all matches.